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Using ANCIL as a skills audit tool: Skills audit questions

Page history last edited by Katy Wrathall 11 years, 3 months ago

These are the questions used as the basis for the interviews and online survey during the trial of ANCIL as a skills audit tool undertaken by Katy Wrathall.




     What is your job title?


     How would you summarise your role?


     Do you support students?


     At which point do you support them?

    • ·       Throughout their time in HE
    • ·      At transition
    • ·      At first year
    • ·      At second year
    • ·      At third year
    • ·      At post graduate
    • ·      At leaving


These are the strands of the new curriculum. Do you in your role deliver or support students formally with any of them now?

    • ·      Transition to HE
    • ·      Becoming an independent learner
    • ·      Developing academic literacies
    • ·      Mapping and evaluating the information landscape
    • ·      Resource discovery in a set discipline
    • ·      Managing information
    • ·      Ethical dimension of information
    • ·      Presenting and communicating information
    • ·      Synthesising information and creating new knowledge
    • ·      Social dimension of information literacy


Do you formally or informally (please state which)

    • ·      Help students produce work at HE level?
    • ·      Help students differentiate between a popular and an academic resource?
    • ·      Help students find their academic voice?
    • ·      Help students work out how to find resources and understand the process?
    • ·      Help students think about how they research and why?
    • ·      Help students identify how they learn and what strategies they can use?
    • ·      Help students deal with negative learning experiences?
    • ·      Help students identify support available?
    • ·      Help students learn to influence through use of language?
    • ·      Help students understand how they are influenced?
    • ·      Help students develop reading techniques like skimming
    • ·      Help students learn they can find relevant information in a resource that isn’t apparently about their topic?
    • ·      Help students develop evaluation skills?
    • ·      Help students learn who their subject experts are and why?
    • ·      Help students muster their argument with supporting evidence?
    • ·      Help students know what the best tools are for them to use?
    • ·      Help students explore new “finding aids”
    • ·      Help students know key people to go to including their peers?
    • ·      Help students develop note-taking skills
    • ·      Help students manage their time?
    • ·      Help students plan?
    • ·      Help students develop an information handling strategy, eg folders etc?
    • ·      Help students with citations and referencing?
    • ·      Help students use current awareness strategies?
    • ·      Help students understand and avoid plagiarism?
    • ·      Help students understand the ethics of information use?
    • ·      Help students understand copyright issues/
    • ·      Help students understand and manage their online presence and digital footprint?
    • ·      Help students use the right tone for different occasions?
    • ·      Help students formulate research questions?
    • ·      Help students evaluate new information?
    • ·      Help students realize learning is ongoing?
    • ·      Help students transfer their skills to the workplace?
    • ·      Help students be open-minded about new information?

Who do you work with formally to deliver these outcomes?


Who would you like to work with in your organisation?


Who "owns" the Information Literacy support and teaching?


Who do you think should?


How should the new Curriculum be delivered?


Could it be delivered collaboratively?


Who would be on your side?


Who might get in your way or need further convincing?


What other challenges might you face?


What would you need to support you when implementing the curriculum? E.g. resources?


Who are the top three people to get on side in your organization?


(Note: the full set of questions can be downloaded as a PDF HERE and as a Word 97-2004 document HERE and the abbreviated set can be downloaded as a PDF HERE and as a Word 97-2004 document HERE



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