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Implementing ANCIL: Training

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Implementing ANCIL: Training


Dr Helen Webster created a training package on implementing ANCIL for librarians as part of the Strategies for implementing a new curriculum Arcadia project (see Introduction). She has adapted the materials to be used to provide training in a range of HE Institutions, and with some adaptation for other groups. The folder containing these materials is HERE.


The materials include a slide presentation (available for download as PowerPoint and as Keynote),and a hand-out on planning a session (available as Word 97-2004 and as PDF


Other useful resources suggested by Dr Webster


Two books with plenty of ideas for teaching Information Literacy and other “study skills”, as well as some useful discussion of the issues and context:


Tom Burns and Sandra Sinfield (2004) Teaching, Learning and Study Skills: A guide for Tutors  (London:Sage)


Stella Cottrell (2001) Teaching Study Skills and Supporting Learning (Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan)


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